Photo by Shayan Asgharnia

Photo by Shayan Asgharnia

Adam C Bartlett is a Los Angeles-based commercial photographer shooting portraits and travel images.

Adam began his career in the commercial photography industry as a lighting and camera assistant to some of the world’s top photographers including Joe Pugliese, Austin Hargrave, Victor Demarchelier and Jessica Sample.

When Adam isn't writing about himself in the third person, he loves to spend time with his family; camp, hike and train for triathlons outdoors; ride his dirt bike while taking in new places; enjoy a great beer; and spend way too much time watching how-to videos on youtube.

A traveler at heart, Adam has a thirst to understand and experience humanity and uses his images to describe and try to understand the people and places that make up the complex and beautiful world we live in. He feels most at home behind a camera, and that's when his enthusiasm for life and meeting new people really comes through.

Adam commits himself to the full use of his creativity, photographic skills and time to deliver the best product to his clients. He strives to provide clients with what they need in the most timely, professional and photographically-beautiful manner possible. 


Adam specializes in creating images for commercial use.

Adam's Work has been featured by:

LA Lady Magazine, Fast Company, Nylon, Image Source,, Advanced Alternative Media, LAMILL Coffee, No Ties Management, La Dolce Vita Travel, Locale Magazine.