Adam C Bartlett is a Los Angeles-based Photo Assistant and has been working in the industry for the past 3 years. He got his start as an intern in the equipment room at Milk Studios in Hollywood where he learned to work hard, the standards of set etiquette and much more about photographic and lighting equipment. He began working as a PA on Milk's location jobs before going freelance and has since worked for many renowned photographers from New York and Los Angeles. 


Photo Courtesy of Brian Higbee

Photo Courtesy of Brian Higbee

Photo Courtesy of Brian Higbee

Photo Courtesy of Brian Higbee

Adam was educated in photography at Vanguard University of Southern California when he took Photography 101 as part of the Cinematography program. The first time he dropped a photograph into developing chemicals he was hooked. He began taking classes at the Orange Coast College's Photography program while earning a degree in Visual Communications at Vanguard.

Adam is hard-working, a creative problem solver, and he prides himself in thinking ahead and anticipating the needs of not only the photographer, but also the other assistants.

Shoots Adam Has Worked On:

Email @

Cell # 213.321.0669

Experience as:

1st Assistant – Raquel Olivo, Austin Hargrave, Robert Kerian, Jennifer Hueston, Columbine Goldsmith, Brian Higbee, Christian Horan, Victoria Will, Stockton Johnson, Jonathan Weiner.

2nd (3rd/4th) Assistant – Austin Hargrave, Art Streiber, James Macari, Hunter & Gatti, Dana Neibert, Richard Hume, Jason Christopher, Jonathan Weiner.

Digital – Raquel Olivo

PA – Cynthia Jermaillo Productions, Kelsey Stevens Productions, Produceit! Mack Sennet Studios.


Experienced with Profoto lighting equipment, Canon/Hasselblad camera systems, Adobe Software, Capture One.

Some experience with other lighting systems (Briese, Bronocolor, Dynalite, Norman, Hensel, HMI).