Chi Town

I had never visited Chicago until September this year, and I had certainly been missing out. Chicago is such a cool city, food-focused with plenty of delicious beer to be had (Three Floyd's + Founder's). You can walk down any street and bump into a delicious pizza place, an artisanal donut shop, or even a place where they mix cheddar popcorn with caramel (sounds gross, but it's incredible)! My friends and I enjoyed eating at the offshoot of The Girl and the Goat [Little Goat], an upscale diner serving delicious Top Chef-reimagined diner classics that were incredible. We also visited a couple of lunch places and just missed out on our first Bulletproof Coffee experience (next time!). The weather was rainy and a bit cold, but that didn't dampen our spirit of adventure! We checked out Millennium Park, saw the bean, the yacht club on the lake, the Trump building and even visited some locals in their condo which is in a downtown Chicago hotel. We stayed a bit outside the city, near Rush University and took the train into the city when we wanted to go adventuring. I really enjoyed the area near Greektown called West Loop and if I were to visit again I'd stay there. Many great restaurants and things to do when the weather doesn't cooperate with your plans (from what I'm told, it seldom does). I had a great experience and I'd love to visit again! Enjoy the photos!

The Donut Vault truck, serving artisan old-fashioned donuts on wheels. They also have a shop downtown.

My incredible sandwich at Little Goat accompanied by smoked fries (mind-blowing).

A walk in the stormy weather

The famous Honeycomb Towers

A view down the street

One of the city's many decorative horses

The thinking man

Truer words have never been posted on the wall of  EATaly

Truer words have never been posted on the wall of EATaly

Veggies of all sorts


Freshly sliced prosciutto in EATaly's fresh meat and cheese area

Making beer in EATaly

The EATaly bar

The bean

Checking out EATaly's menu