Arizona Says Farewell to Summer

I was able to go and visit Arizona again this month and experience more of their wet, monsoon-ridden summer where dry riverbeds overflowed, streets flooded and businesses and schools shut down because of the intense rain this season. My brother even ruined his girlfriends car by driving it through a flooded street. I only saw raid one of the days that I was there, a rogue leg of Hurricane Odile, and was able to experience the beautiful aftermath of most of the storm. In fact, one of the days I was there I woke up to pouring rain yet was able to go swimming on a perfectly sunny day later that afternoon. You've all already heard about my recommendations on where to stay in my previous post about Tucson, so I won't repeat myself, but I stayed in that area again this time and thoroughly enjoyed my time. Enjoy the photos!

The edge of the Catalina Foothills on the Eastern side of Tucson, AZ.

My father and his new ride, a vintage Chevrolet Jimmy.

Dad is really proud of his vehicle.

Remnants of the monsoon clouds linger over the foothills.

Driving through Saguaro National Park

The Arizona sunsets are just incredible.

Barely enough light to see much of Saguaro National Park. Spectators watch military helicopters fly over.

The Jimmy

Sonoran Mexican food is better than all the other kinds. Actually, I'll hold my tongue until I visit Oaxaca.