Tall Ships Festival - Port of Los Angeles

Hey friends!

Although I didn't feel like $80 was a justifiable price to pay to take short ride on one of these magnificent ships, I did wake up nice and early to head down to the Port of Los Angeles to photograph some of the participating ships (but unfortunately not the giant rubber ducky that marks the Tall Ships Festival's arrival in port cities) at my 2nd favorite time of day. The early morning is my 2nd favorite time of the day because you get beautiful light, but the catch is that you have to wake up before the crack of dawn to experience it. The tall ships festival I'm sure was great. I arrived before the gates opened and the tickets went on sale to get better light on the ships but I was unfortunately not able to stay and watch the ships head out to sea. I've been fascinated by sail boats since I was a kid, although I had never had an experience going on them or learning to sail until last year; I suppose my fascination stemmed only from childhood fantasies of being a pirate or a ship's captain. Next year I will put some money aside and go for a ride, for now, enjoy the photos.